Are you being held back? It’s time to change!

When someone takes part in the Vitential community….
One of the first things to do is to describe exactly what their body is going to look like once we help them reach their goal weight., and here’s why…

Deeply embedded negative thoughts are what cause us to have difficulties in any weight loss or health enhancement program – in fact, our past failures can almost always be traced back to negative thoughts that we didn’t even realize we had.

Did you do it?
Make your list now before reading any further – I want you to walk away with some profound knowledge of yourself when you’re done reading this article. OK, now that you have your list, let me show you something that you can use to judge whether or not you’ve been causing yourself to fail in your attempts to lose weight and keep it off.

Here are some examples of statements that have been used before – statements that were literally holding people back from success: Face-more chiseled features, no double chin, no doughy jowls or puffy cheeks, no bags under the eyes.

Other than improved facial shape, I really have no complaints at all about my face, hair, eyes, nose, ears. Neck-no double chin or “wattle”. Chest-no gynecomastia (womanly breasts), muscular instead. Look, ma, I can see my ribcage and pectoral muscles instead of a soft mattress of flab. Arms-hard sinewy curves instead of soft breadsticks. Seeing veins and muscles instead of smooth fat. Abdomen-are there really abs hiding in there? They’ve never made an appearance in 50 years! It’d be nice to have a tight waist not uncomfortably sliced by too-tight underwear. Legs-less of a conical shape, more elongated and solid. Although my calves have always been rather large and firm-my best body part, next to my brain. Buttocks-less sag, more form.

Can you see why they might have had a few troubles in the past reaching his goal?

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